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Advent Calendar for Dec 24

And now we come to the end of the advent calendar.  As prompted by [livejournal.com profile] deborahkla who asked for Santa Claus Around the World.

SinterklassPere NoelGrandfather FrostFather ChristmasLe Befana

Notes: I did quick Internet research on these. In no way am I an expert on the customs of other countries. These are based on general research.
Sinterklass (St. Nicholas): He brings gifts to the children of the Netherlands on his feast day December 5.
Pere Noel--In France, he brings gifts on the night of Christmas Eve, much like Santa Claus or Father Christmas.
Grandfather Frost (Ded Moroz)-He brings gifts for the non-religious holiday of New Year's Day in Russia, the Ukraine and Belarus (and probably other areas of the former Soviet Union)
Father Christmas--Santa Claus in the UK [It would seem from say the killer Santas on Doctor Who that Santa Claus is also used as much as Father Christmas]
Le Befana--Not quite Santa at all! But yet, she's a gift giving witch in Italy who flies down people's chimneys with her bag of toys (sound familiar?). She brings gifts on Epiphany Eve (Jan 5).

Hope you have enjoyed the advent calendar. After Christmas (or maybe over the weekend when we take a break from our busy schedule of eating and watching movies), I'll post the whole collection of icons/graphics on [livejournal.com profile] justgraphics3.

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These were wonderful!!! Thank you so much. I'm delighted with how they turned out. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and thanks again! :-D