10 January 2013 @ 10:18 pm
Small disclosure, the first time I tried to read a Sherlock Holmes story I thought this guy is annoying and didn't finish it. And this is from someone who read Christie's Pierot (although I was always frustrated with him too). [Note also I've never been able to get past chapter 1 of the first book of Lord of the Rings, so there you go.] So basically I went into Elementary blind. Oh I know the basic story but any of the little characters and nods, are sailing over my head.
That being said I started to watch the show out of curiosity and love of Lucy Liu. And I have to say it's grabbed me on its own.

Spoilers for M. )
ETA: Apparently this is the only new episode to air this month, the series returns on Super Bowl Sunday (not sure how it works in Canada).
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