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justlook3 ([personal profile] justlook3) wrote on May 19th, 2013 at 08:35 pm
Snapshot Bingo
Remember when I posted about doing this months ago? I kinda forgot the deadline. That knee injury really kept me from going after these like I wanted. The pics are all kinda blah, but I wanted to at least get something done. I do like the egg photo.

Prompts Used: I, Found, Triangle, Tea, Imperfect
Camera(s) Used: Canon Powershot ELPH 300HS

Photo One: Ice Hockey
Prompt: I
Notes: Dallas Stars vs Anaheim Ducks

Photo Two: Cat nap
Prompt: Found
Notes: My husband went to bed early and when I came in, I found 2 of our cats Raven (the black one) and Hero (the beige one) lying on him.

Photo Three: Roof
Prompt: Triangle
Notes: The unique triangular roof of the Irving Convention Center at Las Colinas.

Photo Four: Tea
Prompt: Tea
Notes: The bulk tea display at Whole Foods

Photo Five: Fresh Eggs
Prompt: Imperfect
Notes: One of my husband's co-workers keeps chickens and she regularly supplies fresh eggs to the office. She sent him home with a container full. They are fresh out of the chickens so they're spotty and muddy, etc. Not perfect but really good eating.

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