justlook3: (Disney: Ursula Blah)
justlook3 ([personal profile] justlook3) wrote on April 27th, 2013 at 03:24 pm
Making Changes
 My paid Dreamwidth account expires on May 1 and along with it a failed experiment.  The tumbleweeds blow through my Friends List. I hear that there's more active comms here but not apparently in anything at all that I have an interest in. I cannot justify the expense of another year's paid account here especially since the only people I follow on here crosspost to LJ. There's one comm here that doesn't exist on LJ so I will keep my free membership. I will probably cease my crossposting though. I will be shutting down the Dreamwidth version of my graphics journal. I've gotten exactly one comment over there since I started mirroring and that isn't worth my time to manually crosspost. Eventually my paid account on LJ will expire and I'll probably let it do so as well.  There's still some icon community happening so at least for a little while I'll have something.

ETA: I was thinking I was using "here" which was confusing since I originally posted to Dreamwidth.  My Dreamwidth icon journal is going to be closing on May 5. The Live Journal one will remain open as long as it is still getting traffic (and I'm making icons). The DW one just didn't get any traffic at all and it was not worth it to keep it open. I figured if I had someone (doubtful) on DW who was interested, I'd give them a week's notice to snag the icons. And I probably won't be bothering to post to my DW account either since all my followers on DW also follow me via LJ. 

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