27 April 2013 @ 03:24 pm
Making Changes  
 My paid Dreamwidth account expires on May 1 and along with it a failed experiment.  The tumbleweeds blow through my Friends List. I hear that there's more active comms here but not apparently in anything at all that I have an interest in. I cannot justify the expense of another year's paid account here especially since the only people I follow on here crosspost to LJ. There's one comm here that doesn't exist on LJ so I will keep my free membership. I will probably cease my crossposting though. I will be shutting down the Dreamwidth version of my graphics journal. I've gotten exactly one comment over there since I started mirroring and that isn't worth my time to manually crosspost. Eventually my paid account on LJ will expire and I'll probably let it do so as well.  There's still some icon community happening so at least for a little while I'll have something.

ETA: I was thinking I was using "here" which was confusing since I originally posted to Dreamwidth.  My Dreamwidth icon journal is going to be closing on May 5. The Live Journal one will remain open as long as it is still getting traffic (and I'm making icons). The DW one just didn't get any traffic at all and it was not worth it to keep it open. I figured if I had someone (doubtful) on DW who was interested, I'd give them a week's notice to snag the icons. And I probably won't be bothering to post to my DW account either since all my followers on DW also follow me via LJ. 

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acciochocolate[personal profile] acciochocolate on April 27th, 2013 10:36 pm (UTC)
Not enough people came to DWidth from LJ. Here's what I posted on betawho's post abt why the lack of fanac on LJ.

People have been leaving LJ in droves ever since Brad 1st sold it to 6A and then they sold it to the Russians. I can hardly find any Clara icons, for example. Folks went off to FB, Twitter, other blog sites, Tumblr, etc.

It's really sad. LJ is just firetrucked. TPTB gave us a new profile page, a new friends feed, a new way to post, a new way to comment, making one load all icons when trying to post/reply. No one wanted any of that! It drove users away. Bunch of idiot programmers who could not fix the old broken code on the back end without changing the front end. Any decent programmer could have done that. Either they didn't want to, or they were over-ruled. The Russian users hate the changes too. I'm only staying because I have a permanent account, and there are a few comms I enjoy. All the posts in my own LJ come from Dreamwidth.

Every release breaks more than it fixes. They never fix what needs to be broken. I have no idea where LJ gets their money these days, must be ads, because there are more and more people saying they won't renew paid accounts. And there are paid themes now! Ugli, too.

Did you see that no one can comment any more on the LJ news comm, not that one could ever find it with the waste of time Yandex search engine, which is broken most of the time.

And the support board--mostly Russian posts. They don't have anything but LJ for a social network over there, or so I have heard. Everyone else in the world (except for China, Cuba, the Muslim countries, and any place run by a dictator) is in the process of leaving, or so it seems.

I hate it. In one way or another it's been my home online for 10 years.

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justlook3[personal profile] justlook3 on April 27th, 2013 10:45 pm (UTC)
I'd stay on DW if there was anything of interest to me here. And there isn't. Maybe if I still watched Who or was into obscure slash fandoms for video games that I've never even heard of. Guessing instead of DW, they all went to social media that I can't stand like Facebook and Tumblr. I spend most of my time on twitter or fandom dedicated boards. Fanfic is still there, just not on LJ. Oh well, nothing I can do about except stop wasting my money on either site. I won't be renewing LJ either when the time comes (still some months away).
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acciochocolate: blue rose in the snow by sayaka_san[personal profile] acciochocolate on April 28th, 2013 06:47 am (UTC)
I hate FB because of their privacy policy and no real comms.

Tumblr is okay except no one knows how to loop animations properly, so 99% of them do the jerk thing back to the start. Ugli!

The SO is into twitter, but I'm not. I do some mailing lists and a few boards. I still miss the Usenet newsgroups.

I'm sorry I ever gave LJ any money.
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