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justlook3 ([personal profile] justlook3) wrote on January 25th, 2013 at 11:33 am
Icon Meme
I believe I did this once quite a while ago, but it's time for another round.

Comment with the word "ICONS!" and I'll choose six of your icons and then you'll post this with some explanation of the icons I chose.

[livejournal.com profile] h_loquacious gave me the following:

1. This icon was made by [livejournal.com profile] graffitigraphic.  Any one who follows my journal knows that I'm fond of cats. I was looking for a wintery look for my layout and settled on a cat in the snow. This one was similar enough to use to match with it. Not that any of my pampered cats would go for a romp in the snow (even when we lived where we could get enough to romp in) but cats still look cute in it. Plus I like the gif snow fall effect.

2. Ah, David Tennant.  This is one of my icons.  It's from when he hosted "Never Mind The Buzzcocks". I'm not sure now what he was actually gesturing about. But it was the perfect gesture to use when you are in total agreement with the poster above you. "This!"

3. This one was one of those "I have to icon THAT" moments. The minute I saw the episode (and of course now I can't remember which one it was!), I immediately knew that was an icon. Cuz I mean how adorable are Cho and Rigsby with their Big Gulps?

4. This one was made by [livejournal.com profile] ginerva17. I admit that I probably snagged it via someone else's user pics. I just love that whole scene, Jane being momentarily disarmed by how Lisbon looks in that dress and then covering it up with one of his quips. The thing is, she did look like an angry princess.  She could give my favorite angry princess Leia a run for her money with that look. It's a great one for expressing dismay at story lines.

5. Made by [livejournal.com profile] reema_patel. I have this one labeled "Words are sexy". I have to say that Castle has some of the best lines ever.  Also let's face it, Castle does find use of language to be very sexy (especially proper grammar).  The artist has a ton of quotes from the show as icons and I had a hard time not loading up on them.

6. Oh I probably have iconned this scene from Ball of Fire dozens of times. I think it probably cemented my leaning toward the ship (I still consider myself ship friendly as opposed to full blown shipper). The banter though, the banter!! I love bantering couples from Nick and Nora to Leia and Han to David and Maddie. This little scene is Lisbon/Jane banter at it's best. She still wants her apple, he just wants to drink his tea and take a nap. The next best scene of banter is hard to icon as most of it was a voice over as they drove away at the end of "Pretty Red Balloon" (Also note worthy because that whole bit of scene was completely improvised by Baker and Tunney). Anyway, I like this one from an artistic standpoint as I like that bit of yellow light in the corner.

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