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justlook3 ([personal profile] justlook3) wrote on January 10th, 2013 at 10:18 pm
Small disclosure, the first time I tried to read a Sherlock Holmes story I thought this guy is annoying and didn't finish it. And this is from someone who read Christie's Pierot (although I was always frustrated with him too). [Note also I've never been able to get past chapter 1 of the first book of Lord of the Rings, so there you go.] So basically I went into Elementary blind. Oh I know the basic story but any of the little characters and nods, are sailing over my head.
That being said I started to watch the show out of curiosity and love of Lucy Liu. And I have to say it's grabbed me on its own.

Wow, this week was gripping. I didn't expect something like this so soon out of the gate and not even during sweeps! Holmes' quest for revenge was actually pretty scary. And that scene with Joan and Sherlock afterwards where he's breaking down was just breathtaking. I wondered how they were going to have Watson stay on and now we know. I wonder how long though until Holmes finds out that she's not being paid any longer? I'm not one to go into long discussions and I'm not that well versed on Holmes lore, so I'll let someone else do that. I just thought I needed to flail just a little over that episode. FLAIL!!!

ETA: Apparently this is the only new episode to air this month, the series returns on Super Bowl Sunday (not sure how it works in Canada).
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